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Indulge in adventure

Most of us are eager for a change of scenery, and research shows that taking vacations is essential for various reasons: it increases resilience, provides perspective to see new solutions, and it gives you time to think and reflect (you can find out more about this by clicking on this paragraph).

As things start approaching a new normal in many parts of the world, it's time to use your holiday and make the most of it.

What could be more convenient than leaving these responsibilities to someone else without added costs?

Midas can easily assist in planning your holiday in advance, advising on the best options and making all the arrangements for your arrival. 

What's more, you may be able to get lower prices for certain services. 



The MIDAS Team

What we can do for you:

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Accommodation and spa

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A yacht or a jet

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Hire a chef for your home

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Wine Tasting

Organise a private 

Plan any sorts of experiences

Travel Experience

Arrange an exclusive train tour through Europe or the picturesque Alps, book a tailor-made tour for you and your family, watch dolphins, explore a shipwreck or a hiking tour

Underwater Experience

Explore the sea with an underwater submersible

Dining Experience

Dinner and night in the zoo, dinner in the sky, Michelin restaurant tour

Driving experience

Experience driving a new vehicle, arrange a chauffeur during your holidays, improve your skills with exclusive driving experience and classes

Tell us how you want your holiday to flow, and we will do our best to organise it for you.

Or you can just leave your contact details and we will get back to you shortly.


Planning that costs you nothing

Wondering where to go with minimal risk, and the chance to enjoy your holiday rather than face the closed doors of restaurants and entertainment venues? Or have you already decided on a destination, but would like to pass the organisation of a holiday for all your family members on to someone else's shoulders? We can be of assistance in this regard.

Just yesterday, popular destinations for tourism were overcrowded with tourists. Now, even if they are open, they are not operating at full capacity. When else but now is it possible to embark on unique journeys where you can unite with nature? Or how about an all-inclusive experience aboard a spacious yacht or an entire train carriage, which itself is already a vintage work of art. 

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The summer toys for the affluent

Private submarines are pretty darn cool, and we see more of an uptick in them as toys and vessels for exploration. The race to the bottom of the sea is being led by director James Cameron and British entrepreneur Richard Branson.

For those of you who consider sports cars, yachts, and private planes old news, the submarine experience can be something that you must to try.   Such an extraordinary experience can be arranged in Malta. However, the submarine will soon be heading for the Adriatic coast.

Are you looking to make your dive richer and more memorable? We can help you find different ways to add that special touch.


Broaden the palette of flavours

When travelling, we open our taste buds to experience the flavours of a new location. One amazing opportunity to be taken to a foreign country atmosphere is to organise a national dinner. In addition to a restaurant outing, we recommend attempting yet another experiment - inviting a chef to cater their regional dinner for your family, friens or company. The smell of oriental spices, the incredible marinades of northern nations, the variety of African vegetarian dishes, the spiciness of Mexican peppers - all these might end up on your table! 

We can help organise a memorable evening of ethnic cuisine accompanied by the music and wine of your chosen location, either at a villa or on a chartered yacht.

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Sharpen your driving proficiency

Race track training, drift techniques, bike riding tours and track training or a customised for your needs driving class, it's all worth it.

Do you have a taste for speed? Extreme driving courses are an opportunity to get a thrill out of driving whilst practising new tricks and skills in a secure environment.