We hunt for you


Some purchases are more important than others.

A perfect house?

A real estate investment in a specific country?

A collectible Rolex, or a certain model of a private jet…?

Top quality with specific requirements takes time to find.

It can take weeks and months to search for options, meet sellers, negotiate… You have better things to spend your time on.

Leave the hunting to us.

Let us make sure you get the best value for your time and money. We do all the search and quality assurance for you, present you the best options on and off the market, and help you seal the deal.

Residential and commercial properties, new developments, Real Estate investments and more - in any part of the world.


Sailing, power or superyachts, customised interiors, berths, yacht registration and management - from A to Z.


Private aircrafts for business or leisure, from light to long-range, customised for you, registered and ready to go. 


From art pieces and antiques to vintage wines and rare jewels - you name it, we find it.


Tell us what you are looking for - we'll leave no stone unturned