700 000 €

3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

Moroccan style



A Moroccan city on your doorstep? Check!

Affluent Sliema's most central street? Check!

The ultimate family-friendly layout? Check!

A lost gem in the middle of the urban jungle. (I like this sentence). This flat, with its unique design and high level of finishing materials and design elements, is located on the top floor of a block on Sliema's main street.

Return from work to oriental lights, from which warm light flows, instantly calming you down from your hectic day, this is truly a treat that you will want to repeat.

Cosiness must go hand in hand with comfort. (Nice sentence) For that purpose, you will have two dishwashers, a built-in water filter, an enlarged water tank, a guest toilet, two complete bathrooms, a separate dining area and living room.

Complement this with a bright, patio-facing living room, three bedrooms, one of which has a French balcony, plus the pleasure of not having adjoining walls with neighbours.

This is a place where you can create your own world from The Tales of a Thousand and One Nights.



Sliema, one of the most famous Maltese cities among foreigners, used to be a small fishing village yet until the 19th century when it became a residential area with more than 20,000 inhabitants nowadays.

Walking down its narrow, full of light streets, among the yellow-stone buildings, you will see how everything is located in a very short distance, let it be a school, shopping centre or hospital facilities.

Most of the small shops in the area are family-run businesses where you will always be greeted by the lovely, hospitable locals.