11 000 000 €

447 Hectares total footprint

167 Ha with permit for residential project



Land neighboring golden sands, rainforests and the foothills of the Andes? Check!
Land bordering a river for good fodder? Check!
Building permit for a residential or recreational property? Check!

Are you looking to buy 450 hectares of land for your agricultural or residential developments in a country renowned for its biodiversity and desirable climate? If your answer is “yes”, we are happy to offer you two neighbouring agricultural/residential properties in one of the smallest countries in South America, located right on the Equator - ECUADOR. You will benefit from: 280 hectares of fenced property, with a river defining its border on two sides, and an irrigation system combined with 70.000 cubic meters of water reservoir guaranteeing adequate water supply all year round. 167 hectares of fenced property, widely agricultural, which has seen over the last decade a significant tourism growth.

With a river defining its border on one side, the area is currently exploited for agriculture, while its location and climate make it additionally an ideal destination for vacations. The residential project has been already approved and all permissions are granted.Thinking about obstacles in buying land in Ecuador? We have it solved for you. On top of our offer, there is something else that you will enjoy in Ecuador. Despite its small territory, Ecuador offers the most amazing variety of attractions that you will never forget, like beautiful landscapes, the world-famous Galapagos Islands, Colonial cities, or a rich historical and cultural heritage. Does it sound attractive enough?



Esmeraldas is a city in Ecuador and the capital of the province of Esmeraldas. It has approximately 95,000 and is one of the country's main export ports due to its refinery activity. The city is one of the most important ports in the country. The municipality has a beaches and hotel infrastructure, allowing the development of tourism. It is known as the "green" province of the equator. The main activities of the city are trade, industry and agriculture. It offers beautiful beaches with landscapes and a warm climate.

Tourist attractions include the beaches, the rainforests, the culture of the indigenous Cayapas people, marimba and Afro-Ecuadorian music and the La Tolita archaeological area. Other attractions include Atacames, famous for the "crazy coconut" (coco-loco, traditional drink made from coconut water) and its black and red coral handicrafts. Ecuador, a country that has an array of delights to offer. The golden sands of the Pacific Coast, the Amazon rainforest, the foothills of the Andes, and the creme de la creme -The Galapagos Islands!