Space travel – a once in a lifetime opportunity


It can be argued that once you see the earth from space, your perspective on the world changes. This is called ‘The Overview Effect’. “From this height you see all diversity and beauty of the world, and no amount of prior study or training can fully prepare anybody for the awe and wonder this inspires,” said Astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan.

We all gaze into the stars at times, letting our inner child wonder if blasting off into orbit is an experience only accessible to the elite. ‘Space, the final frontier’ does not have to be a topic of sci-fi’s anymore, as space travel for private tourists is not that far away. Right now, there are companies attempting to make exploring the orbit accessible to all. Their time frame may surprise you too, with the commercial space flight industry predicted to ‘take off’ within the next 5 years, space exploration will soon be possible for you! 

This article will guide you on how to get your first orbital adventure underway. We discuss your training, what to expect for accommodation and your daily activity options and experiences once you explore deep space. 

As you may know, the first commercial astronaut was Sir Richard Branson, who boarded his Virgin Galactic Rocket plane back in July over New Mexico. In his 1.5 hour mission, he reached an altitude where the sky turned black and the earth horizon curved. He plans to make this sub-orbital experience available to paying customers who can look down upon the earth for $450,000 a ticket.  



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Richard told the BBC “And why shouldn’t they (the general public) go to space? Space is extraordinary; the Universe is magnificent. I want people to be able to look back at our beautiful Earth and come home and work very hard to try to do magic to it, to look after it.” 

Morgan Stanley’s research forecasts that the global space industry could generate revenue of USD1 trillion or more in 2040. Other companies such as Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, which has a Federal Aviation Administration license for human spaceflight, is hoping to start space tourism flights in early 2022! Elon Musk with Space X, their competitor, is also planning to make longer orbital space travel soon possible.

Unchartered territories provide unchartered dangers. Training, of course, is paramount, but where would you go, and what does it entail? Zero Gravity training (weightlessness) is a much-needed skill for your launch and return to earth. It can be provided in one of the few global, purpose-built training centres that supply bespoke courses executed to fine-tune your body ready for launch!

You can experience Zero Gravity in a specially modified Boeing 727 called G Force One. On board, the pilot flies at an angle of 45 degrees until you achieve weightlessness. Once this is obtained, the fun can begin! You can do acrobatic space manoeuvres (parabolas) and experience lunar gravity (one 6th your body weight) and Martian gravity (one 3rd your body weight). 

Now in this new territory, where will you stay? The future is coming, imagine a holiday orbiting the earth? The Gateway Foundation has announced that the Voyager Station is deemed to be the first high-end hotel being created for space accommodation. Construction starts in 2026 and is due to open its 50,000 sq meter venue in 2027. It will be able to accommodate 440 guests in their own personal sleeping pods, and from its realm, you can witness the sunrise 16 times in one day! The hotel will orbit the earth and is deemed only fit for those with a sense of adventure, coupled with the appreciation for the finer things in life. 


A three-night stay in the Voyager Station will be $4.8 million, that’s 1.6 million per night! Although prices are now steep, the Gateway Foundation knows that they have to drop their charges dramatically to attract more customers-so watch this space!! (Pun intended).

In 2023 you can board the Soyuz rocket for a 10-day adventure, during which time you can experience several chosen ‘missions’. Imagine witnessing the earth rise over the bright side of the moon from less than a mile away. Visiting the International Space Station, where you can participate in research experiments for science, education, human factor research or commercial activities. However, the most exciting adventure of all would have to be conducting your very own spacewalk!

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and would put you with only a handful of others in the world. You would be a pioneer of space travel, enjoying new orbital experiences.

We at Midas can launch you straight to the forefront of space tourism. Only 550 people have travelled into this uncharted territory since the beginning of space travel, and now, with our help, you can be the next!